Price list for each model to buy the discontinued HHKB


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Why did I research this

  1. Wireless models are annoying because the battery compartment protrudes. So I'm going to buy a wired model.
  2. Among the wired models, Pro2 and Pro2 Type-S are currently discontinued, and the new released one is Pro Classic.
  3. Classic doesn't seem to be any different from Pro2 except that USB is changed to Type C.
  4. However, Classic has no Type-S model (Type-S is a low-noise model)
  5. Therefore, the wired Type-S must be obtained through second-hand transactions.
  6. When I looked at the second hand stuffs, I didn't know how much the reasonable price, so I researched the regular price.
ModelPrice(JPY)StatusMethodUSB Type
Professional225,300DiscontinuedWiredMini B
Professional2 Type-S30,250DiscontinuedWiredMini B
Professional BT30,250DiscontinuedWirelessMicro B(for power)
Professional Classic25,300On saleWiredC
Professional HYBRID30,250On saleHybridC
Professional HYBRID Type-S35,200On saleHybridC

All prices are based on the official website. The discontinued model disappeared from the sales page, but you could still check it by entering the product url.