What is Ruby? What is Rails?


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When I first came across Ruby, it was on the GitHub blog. The GitHub blog is built with Jekyll a static site generator. This Jekyll is made of ruby. So I became interested in the language Ruby, and I want to find out about it.

Ruby; A programmer's best friend

  • Ruby is developed programming language by Matsumoto Yukihiro In 1995
  • Similar to Python
  • Script language(: A language used to control existing software. Ex; JavaScript, Python...)
  • All APIs are written in Japanese.

I thought, 'Why are there so many places in Japan that use ruby?', and this seems to be the reason.

Ruby on Rails

  • Web framework using Ruby(Ex; JavaScript - Node.js, Swift - Vapor)
  • Open source
  • So easy to learn
  • Pure object-oriented language
  • Meta programmable
  • This framework is what made Ruby famous