Why you shouldn't buy Logitech products for work

Why you shouldn't buy Logitech products for work


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It's because of Logitech's software. I do not recommend products that use 'Logi Option+'(This is different from 'Logi Option'.)

My case

I was waiting for the Logi Lift to be released, and I bought it right away.

Since this is a multi-device mouse, I intend to use it for both work and personal use. The machine for work is Windows and the machine for personal use is Mac.

I like the Mac's natural scrolling. So, as always, I was planned to change the scrolling direction of Windows via Logitech software.

However, an unexpected problem arose. I was unable to install the software on my Windows.

Logi Option+ is blocked by the company's proxy while the installer is using the Internet. Logitech isn't considering an offline installation. Even if you have an installer, if you do not have access to the Internet, this installer is useless.

On reddit, I was able to easily find several users in the same situation as me.

Also, Logitech is aware of this problem, but has not been able to fix it until now, months later.

Therefore, it is not recommended to use Logitech products in a proxy environment or in an environment without an Internet connection.